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People decision trees

As we discussed in part one, there is no one size fits all when it comes to a “secure” remote worker. You can load up as much secure tech as you want, but if your workforce doesn’t understand how to work securely in their new distributed world, you may as well not bother.

The bad news is; there’s no quick fix. As with any decision, there are extenuating factors to consider and not just which tech works with which device. Some elements are personal circumstances.

Remote preparedness

As you’ve discovered, many of your workforce will never have worked from home, but have…

I know, we all hate the phrase ‘the new normal’, but I guess it’s here to stay. I think we can say we have embraced it and transitioned into remote working pretty well. It wasn’t too much of a headache, and we managed to requisition every available laptop on the market to keep the business wheels turning. We even managed to sprinkle in some security practices, and ta-da, here we are with a vast population of “secure” remote workers… but are they?

What even is a secure remote worker?

So let’s take a moment to Google that. Have you done it? Whose search came up with all…

We’re all facing the world’s biggest transformation project, and there’s very little any of us can do to go back to the good old days. We must adapt, change and roll with the times. For some, that’s much harder than others! Some of you may have lost your job, or are facing the business you’ve worked hard to build slipping away into the Corona abyss.

This got me thinking about what we can do to ‘roll with it’ and what it takes to survive in uncertain times.

A little about me

I arrived into life with two parents, one sibling and a cat —…

How many of us have seen the profile of our customers?

Meet Janet, she works in middle management and has two teenage kids. She listens to radio four on her way to work and spends her weekends hiking with her dog

Businesses spend a lot of time profiling their average customer, so they understand how to market to them, influence behaviours and maximise sales. But do we know who our people on the inside are?

Your people are what makes you different from your competitors; they are your most valuable assets. Without them, you fail to operate. Do you…

From many conversations with businesses of all shapes and sizes, across multiple industries, most have started learning and development processes by investing in an e-learning platform which meets regulation. Some make this mandatory, yet don’t follow up with individuals who fail to complete. Some make it part of the probation processes, where employees cannot pass probation without taking the modules. Some encourage employees to self-enrol for relevant modules in their learning management system and others host content on the intranet, with the hope employees will read it.

Quite often, employees will have health and safety explained on their first day…

It’s nice to give your shiny new starter a welcome gift and make then feel loved and valued, right? Many companies do this; it’s all part of the employee onboarding experience. You want to give then the best possible experience, right from the first minute.

How many of you have received a branded gift, like a backpack, reusable mug, pen, notepad etc. with the company logo emblazoned on it? I’ve had a few over the years. I’ve been gifted a branded notebook with my name and the team I work in on the front. Lovely! So thoughtful! Hang on a…

Presenting audience-appropriate information, in a meaningful way, is crucial to managing your relationships for success. When we talk about presenting, this doesn’t necessarily mean a slideshow with animations and exciting slide transitions. A verbal conversation by the coffee machine is a presentation of sorts. All forms of communication that deliver an outcome or debate are presentations.

When we talk about audience appropriateness, this is an important factor. What is meaningful to you isn’t always meaningful to the audience. You should spend time understanding what is important to the person you want to present to not too much time, but enough.

Every business regardless of size, should be starting each new joiner with a security induction. It’s as vital as where the fire exits are and all the rest of the essential knowledge we instil into our shiny new faces.

How do you pitch it without overloading your newbie with so much information that they forget their name?

The average employee

Think about who the average employee is, what is their educational level and salary band. The UK average salary is £35,058 in 2019, so when you think about your average employee, it’s not the c-suite! …

We’ve all had it drummed into us now; Human Error accounts for 90% of data breaches. How do we, as security professionals, reduce this figure and avoid using the failed security whip?

Most businesses start with an induction programme; this is usually a dull e-learning module on data protection, information security and health and safety (if you’re lucky). Twenty minutes per module of tedious box-ticking exercises that no one pays any attention to. Often the pass rate is 80% of a multiple-choice test, with unlimited tries.

If this worked, would 90% of data breaches still be attributable to human error…

For as long as I can remember, I’ve referred to myself as ‘life smart’. I am not particularly academic or ‘book smart’ and, like many, I got my degree from the university of life. I was the kid who ‘lacked concentration’ and ‘must try harder’. I was the fish being asked to climb trees.

Has this ever held me back? No. I have a drive, determination, and a thirst for knowledge, as much as the bookyish of the book smarts, I just learn differently. I learn by doing and not through theoretical knowledge.

Learn by doing

Back in 2006, I sat home alone…

Jemma Davis

Infosec professional, specialising in security awareness and comms and proud security unicorn #infosecjem

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